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Shijiazhuang Naipu Pump Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturing enterprise of slurry pumps located in high and new technology development zone. The enterprise has one group of high quality technical and management talent working in Design, R & D, Production, Sales and Services. The technical team consists of talents specialized in hydraulic machinery, casting, heat treatment, engineering, material science and machining. The company manufactures its products using advanced technique based on well built management and sales & service system. Product quality is guaranteed with various test and inspection facilities.. Naipu is specialized in the manufacture and sales of slurry pump and...

Categories and Products

Horizontal Slurry Pump

AH Metal Horizontal Slurry Pump

1.5/1 BAH Acid-resistant Chemical Pumps 6/4E-AHR horizontal slurry pumps for tailings 6/4D AH mining slurry pump 6/4 D - AH Metal liner Horizontal Slurry Pump 14/12ST-AH Effluent Sewage Handling Slurry Pumps A05 A49 A07 A51 A61 Slurry Pump 2 / 1.5 B- AH Small Slurry Pumps 4inches inlet small slurry pump centrifugal heavy duty slurry pump Mineral Concentrate Filter Press Feed Slurry Pump Naipu powe plant slurry pumps AH/AHR Series Electric factory Coal Preparation Slurry Pumps 2/1.5 BAH Small Mining Sewage Pump horizontal slurry pump for mining plant 6/4 E-AH Wear Resistant Double Casing Slurry Pump 8/6 EAH High Chrome Slurry Pump 1.5/1B-AH slurry pump with A05 impeller 3/2C-AH mill discharge slurry pump Gold mining tailing horizontal slurry pump AH bare shaft slurry pump 

AHR Rubber Horizontal Slurry Pump

Rubber R55 Liner Slurry Pump 4/3 AHR AH solid handing slurry pump 3 inch AH horizontal slurry pumps high chrome impeller slurry pumps Hard Rock Gold Mining Equipment Bomba 10/8 Coal Mine slurry pump Solid handling Slurry Pump 2/1.5 BAHR Rubber Lined Acid Slurry Pump DCZ drive 15KW Coal Washing Slurry Pumps Natural Rubber Slurry Pump Parts AH slurry pump rubber liners Naipu rubber slurry pumps AH Centrifugal slurry pump CRZ Drive Rubber Lined Slurry Pump Spares AH AHR,SP,SPR mining slurry pump 3/2C-AHR Rubber Lined Slurry pumps Neoprene lined slurry pumps Neoprene lined slurry pumps with CV drive Chemical Medium Processing Rubber Lined Slurry Pumps aluminum industry slurry pumps 

HH High Head Horizontal Slurry Pump

50ZJH Slurry Pump for Mining Processing AH AHR HH SP SPR slurry pumps HH heavy duty slurry pump HH high head slurry pumps AH,HH high head slurry pump HH hihg pressure slurry pump HH high head industry slurry pump High head slurry pump 6/4 X-HH A05 High Head Slurry Pump HH High head industry slurry pumps High head horizontal slurry pump model 4/3E-HH AH,HH,AHR horizontal slurry pump high-head slurry pump for strong-abrasive particle 6/4F HH High head horizontal slurry pump model 4/3HH 6/4 F-HH Bottom Boiler and Fly Ash Slurry Pump Diamond Concentrate High Head Slurry Pumps HH horizontal slurry pump 3/2 DHH Wear Resistant Sludge Pump 4/3HH high head horizontal slurry pump 1.5/1 CHH High Pressure Slurry Pump 

G series Gravel Pump

14/12 GG High Efficiency Sand Pump for Sale G gravel sand dredging pump 14/12T-G river sand gravel pump High chrome single casing Sand Gravel pumps Good performance dredge pump for river sand 6 inch River Sand Suction Dredging Pump 8/6 E-G Cutter Suction Dredger Gravel Pumps Suction Hopper Dredging Pump on boat 8/6 E-G Suction Hopper Dredging Pumps 8/6 E-G Cutter Suction Dredger Pumps for sale 6 inch gravel slurry pump High chrome gravel sand pump 6/4 DG Small Sand Dredge Slurry Pump 10/8 FG Horizontal Centrifugal Gravel Sand Pump High chromium abrasion-resistance alloys sand gravel pumps 18/16 GG Heavy Duty Mining Sand pump River Sand Sludge Suction Pump for Extracting 4 inch Ultra Chrome Cr27 Sand Gravel Pumps engine driven silt sand gravel pumps Sand Gravel pumps on dredging boat 

GH High Head Gravel Pump

10/8 SG Chrome Metal Dredge Pump for Sand G GH series horizontal gravel pump single stage centrifugal gravel pump for river High head gravel pump high head gravel pump for dredging Cutter suction dredger gravel pump Mineral processing gravel dredging slurry pumps hot sale heavy duty mining sand slurry pump 10/8 S-GH High Pressure Sand Water Pump high performance dredge pump for river sand G(H ) high head gravel slurry pump 12/10 GGH High Pressure Centrifugal Sand Pump water with solid gravel pump Wear resistant high head centrifugal gravel pump centrifugal pump gravel pump Wet Sand Suction Dredge Gravel Pump 10 inch suction gravel pump 16/14TU-GH Ultra-Chrome Metal Unlined Centrifugal Sand Pumps sand gravel slurry pump for mine processing GH high head dredging pump for river sand 

L Lower Abrasive Slurry Pump

300ZJD Lower Abrasive Slurry Pumps 20AL Open Impeller Industrial Slurry Pump 100D-L Lower Abrasive Slurry Pumps /Bombas 150E-L Low Abrasive Light Slurry Pump lower abrasive slurry pump L lower abrasive slurry pump 100D-L Gland Packing Seal Light Metal Pump 75CL Metal Lined Pump for Tailing Sewage Metallurgy Low Abrasive Slurry Pumps For Sale 350SL Heavy Duty Mining Water Pump Heavy Minerals Thickener Overflow Slurry Pumps Thickener Overflow Rubber Lined Slurry Pumps 300LR Rubber Liner Acid Slurry Pump AH mining slurry pumps in Naipu 

M Medium Duty Slurry Pump

8/6E-M Medium Duty slurry pumps 8/6 E-M Medium Duty Slurry Pumps High Chrome medium duty slurry pumps Dense media transfer Slurry Pumps 10/8 E-M Cr26 Medium Duty Slurry Pump A05 Medium Duty Slurry Pumps 200EM Slurry Pump with Gland Packing Seal Cantilevered medium duty slurry pumps 10/8E-M Medium Duty slurry pumps Mining Processing Medium duty slurry pumps 

ZJG High Head Slurry Pump

Own Design High Head Slurry Pump 

ZG High Efficiency Slurry Pump

New Design Coal Mining Horizontal Slurry Pumps Mine Coal ZJG Large Capacity Slurry pumps Anti-wearing and anti-corrosion ZJG Slurry Pumps Metallurgical ZJG slurry pumps with electric motor ZG Horizontal Centrifugal Slurry Pump 8/6E-AH slurry pumps for copper mining 

WS Dredging Gravel Pump

450WSG Large Duty High Flow Gold Dredge Pump 10/8F-G Suction Hopper Dredging Pumps 16 Inch Sand Dredging Pump 250WS High Quality High Chrome Gravel Pump 18 inch Sand Dredging Pump 100WS Sand Gravel Slurry Pump 150WS River Sand Pumping Machine 200WS 8 inces River Lake Sand Dredge Pump 

ZJW Feeding Pumps

horizontal feeding slurry pump 65ZJW Filter Press Slurry Feeding Pump Mill Grinding Feeding Pumps 65ZJW Filter Press Feeding Pumps 

TL(R) Desulphurization Pump

AH high chrome liners slurry pumps Corrosion resistant centrifugal slurry pump 14/12 AH slurry pumps 10/8F-AH centrifugal slurry pump Desulphurization Circulating Pumps Horizontal heavy duty slurry pump Mining centrifugal slurry pumps AH series 8/6F-AHR rubber liners slurry pump AH heavy duty centrifugal slurry pump 8/6E-AH heavy duty slurry pump 3/2C-AH centrifugal slurry pumps Belt drive 4/3D slurry pump 600X-TL Desulphurization Pumps 4/3 AH anti-abrasive slurry pump 100% interchangeable AH slurry pump and parts AH mining slurry pump 4/3D centrifugal slurry pumps 8/6F Rubber liners slurry pump AH horizontal mining slurry pump 3X2 centrifugal slurry pumps 

Vertical Slurry Pumps

SP metal Vertical Slurry Pumps

65QV vertical tank sump pump Copper Mine Dewatering Sludge Pumps Vertical spindle slurry pump heavy duty sump slurry pumps 65QV-SP Vertical type Centrifugal Sump Pump 200SV-SP Cantilever Slurry Pumping Machine 65QV-SP Abrasive Vertical Spindle Slurry Pumps 65QV-SP Vertical Spindle Slurry Pumps For sale vertical sump pump for mining 65 QV-SP Non-edge angle wear abrasive Slurry Pumps vertical slurry pump SP type 65QV-SP Sump drainage washdown Vertical Sump Pumps Abrasion resistant metal vertical sump pumps Industrial pump manufacturer 40PV-SP Semi submersible slurry pump 65QV-SP Vertical Spindle Sump Pumps For sale metal line vertical sump pump 65QV-SP semi submersible vertical slurry pump high chrome vertical sump pump 65QV vertical electric drive slurry pumps 

SPR rubber Vertical Slurry Pump

vertical long shaft slurry pump 100RVSPR Vertical Sump Pump Rubber Lined vertical slurry pump model 65QV-SPR vertical sump slurry pump 150SV-SPR Rubber Lined Vertical Slurry Pump 65QV rubber liners Vertical slurry pump R55 rubber lined vertical sump pumps 65QV-SP Neoprene Lined Verticle Spindle Pumps 40PVSPR Rubber Lined Mining Sump Pump submersed vertical slurry pump vertical slurry pump for gold mining usage heavy duty vertical slurry pumps Rubber liners vertical centrifugal pump vertical slurry pump with rubber liners Centrifugal Vertical Sump Solids Trash Slurry Pump S42 rubber vertical pump Vertical Shaft Slurry Pumps Naipu rubber vertical slurry pump vertical slurry pump for gold mining Anti-wear Verticle slurry sump pump 

AF Vertical Froth Pumps

Mineral processing froth pumps handle frothy slurries 2AFQV Froth Slurry Pump for Mining Plant froth pump for gold pilot plant Vertical Mineral Slurry Pump froth pump 3QV-AF Ni-hard froth pumps 3QVAF High Chrome Pump for Air Slurry Vertical froth slurry pump AF double casing froth pumps Mineral Processing Use Froth Slurry Pump Mineral processing vertical froth slurry pump Vertical slurry pump for flotation froth slurry 50ZJF-QV Vertical Mining Processing Froth Pump 3 QV-AF Froth Foam pump AF Froth pumps for mining 2QV - AF Mining Processing Froth Pump vertical frothy slurry pump 4RV-AF froth foam pumps 3QV-AF Froth Pumps 4QV-AF Vertical froth pump Hopper Tank Vertical Froth Foam Pumps 

ZJQ Submersible Slurry Pumps

Centrifugal submersible slurry pump for river sand Submersible gravel slurry pump Submersible electric motor underwater pumps High chrome wet parts submersible slurry pump ZJQ Submersible slurry pump submersible gravel dredging pump Submersible slurry pump with agitator Submersible Slurry Pumps Delivering Liquid Sand Submersible solid handling pump Submersible gravel sand slurry pump Submersible slurry pumps with agitator centrifugal submersible pump Submersible sand dredging pump submersible pump for river sand submersible slurry pump with excavator submersible dredging slurry pump River Sand Dredging Submersible Pump submersible pump with double stirrer Submersible Slurry Pumps in Dredging Widening Channel Electrical Submersible Slurry Sand Pump 

Other Pumps

Submersible Sewage Slurry Pump

Submersible sewage slurry pumps 

IS Clean Water Pump

Clean Water Pumps IS Clean Water Pumps Diesel Engine Irrigation Water Pump 

QJ Deep Well Pump

submersible water pump QJ type verical deep well water pump Submersible Water Pumps QJ Vertical Deep Well Water Pump Submersible Deep Well Pumps 

ISW End Suction Pump

ISW End Suction Water Pump centrifugal end suction water pump 

D(DG) High Head Water Pumps

DG Multistage Clean Water Pumps Horizotnal High Pressure Multistage Water Pump 

Slurry Pump Parts

Slurry Pump Rubber Parts

8/6E-AHR rubber slurry pump throat bushing AH slurry pump wet end parts Rubber slurry pump parts slurry pump throat bushing Horizontal Froth Slurry Pump Front Liner Cover plat liners D3036HS1 65QV-SP vertical slurry pump parts Neoprene Lined Slurry Pump Parts F6036 Slurry Pump Polyurethane Frame Plate Liner AH slurry pump throat bush E40836R 8/6F AH slurry pump throat bush AH slurrry pump throat bushing F6083 Elastomer Slurry Pump Cover Plate Liner Rubber impellers for 4/3D-AHR rubber slurry pump Slurry pump impeller 4145EP Slurry pump Rubber impeller F6147 F6147 rubber and metal impellers Acid Resistant Pump Elastomer Parts Slurry Pump Spares Polyurethane Liner 4/3C-AH Slurry pump wet end parts Rubber Liner Slurry Pump Parts Throatbush 

Slurry Pump Metal Parts

Wet Spare Parts for slurry pump AH slurry pump impellers Slurry Pump Frame Plate liner Cover Plate liner F8147 slurry pump impellers AH pump high chrome impellers Stainless Steel Shaft Sleeve for Cone Crusher Wear resistant metal impeller 118 Gland Packing Seal Slurry Pump Lantern Restrictor Slurry Pump Bearing Assembly C005M Sand Gravel Pump Casing GG12131 E4147EP slurry pump impellers Wear Resistant slurry pump parts Shijiazhuang Naipu Wear Resistant Slurry Pump Spares G8147 Slurry pump impellers FAM10147 impellers slurry pump 6/4D AH Metal impeller E6135 Horizontal Discharge Line Sand Pump Clamp Ring F6147 impellers for slurry pump Horizontal Slurry Pump Impeller F6147A05 F8083 A49 throat bush AH slurry pump 

Other Slurry Pump Parts

AH slurry pump bearing assembly SP vertical slurry pump bearing body vertical slurry pump bearing body Bearing shaft assembly AH series AH slurry pump bearing body D004 bearing body AH pump vertical sump pump bearing body Slurry pump part/ pump casing 6/4 slurry pumps bearing assembly Slurry Pump Bearing Assembly NAIPU AH pump Replaceable Slurry Pump Bearing Assembly Slurry Pumps Bearing Assembly D005M AH slurry pumps bearing assembly AH pump G004 bearing housing AH slurry pumps spare parts bearing assembly AH slurry pump part base Slurry pump parts pump base shaft for slurry pumps 

OEM Orders

OEM Slurry Pumps

OEM high chrome impeller centrifugal pumps OEM whole set slurry pumps OEM high chrome slurry pumps Naipu OEM slurry pumps and parts Naipu own design pumps OEM centrifugal pumps and parts Horizontal slurry pumps AH AHR AH slurry pumps 6/4E-AH Horizontal slurry pumps OEM types OEM high chrome slurry pumps 6/4E-AH Gravel sand horizontal slurry pumps OEM Slurry pumps and spare parts 

OEM Slurry Pump Parts

OEM high chrome slurry pump spare parts custom made stainless steel shaft& sleeve Slurry pump shaft sleeve OEM sleeve Slurry pump part OEM bearing assembly slury pump parts bearing assembly OEM Custom made shafts OEM custom made slurry pump impellers OEM high chrome slurry pump spares Polyurethane Elastomer Pump Parts High Chrome Slurry Pump Volute E4110EPA61 Custom made A05 slurry pump impellers OEM slurry pump back liners Hastelloy N23 oxidising acids solutions spares Wear Resistant Polyurethane Elastomer Pump Parts Slurry pump parts OEM bearing assembly OEM slurry pump parts shaft sleeve U01/U38 Wear Resistant Polyurethane Elastomer Parts OEM slurry pump parts Hastelloy N23 slurry pumps volute B1110 Slurry pump rotor componets 

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